Bedgear Galaxy 1.0 Performance Pillow
Bedgear Galaxy Performance Pillows
Bedgear Galaxy Performance Pillows
Bedgear Galaxy Performance Pillows

BEDGEAR Galaxy 1.0 Performance Pillow


BEDGEAR Galaxy 1.0 Performance Pillow with Enhanced Airflow – Ideal for Hot Sleepers. 

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Bedgear Galaxy 1.0 Performance Pillow

bedgear Performance PillowsStay cool and refuel on the Galaxy. Built with our firmer foam for neck support, this support pillow features cool-to-the-touch fabric that helps conduct heat away from your body and maximize airflow. This pillow will keep you gently supported and just right all night.

The Gist

  • Cool-all-night, dry-all-night fabric
  • Firmer, elevating feel
  • Patented Air-X panels vent excess body heat

Bedgear Build Dual Chamber

Solid foam crown on one side provides the option for firmer support, while a blend on the other offers a softer give.

Bedgear Cooler on Every Side

Patented weave of heat-resistant fibers deflects warm air to regulate temperature.

Bedgear Galaxy Build Boost Fill

Firmer, breathable latex blend keeps you gently elevated.

Bedgear Build - AirX

Flexible, three-dimensional material vents warm air away from the body.

Bedgear Cooler on Every Side


Time spent pillow flipping is time taken from deep sleeping. Our revolutionary Ver-Tex® fabric draws heat away from your body and stays cool to the touch—helping regulate your core temperature, shut down any tossing (or flipping), and keep you solidly asleep.

Bedgear Build Dual Chamber


Some nights you want an extra-elevating feel. Other nights you’re looking for something a little more relaxed. That’s why we’ve formulated two kinds of firmer support within a single pillow.* As a solid layer on one side, our Boost® fill provides a classic firmness. Shredded on the other, it’s ever-so-slightly softer.

Bedgear Specs & Care

BEDGEAR® Warranty Details

All BEDGEAR warranty claims are handled directly through BEDGEAR. 

BEDGEAR pillows come with a 365 Night Guaranty. The 1 year applies to defects in craftsmanship or materials during normal use, provided that care label instructions are followed.

Additional information

Weight 6.19 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 15.13 × 6 in


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