Custom Mattresses

We Make The Best Custom Mattresses and Toppers In America.

Are you looking for a made-to-order, custom mattress, or custom mattress topper for your custom bed or cushion?  The Beloit Mattress Company specializes in offering custom-sized mattress replacements and can support almost any unique shape or odd size you have. Learn more below.

Can You Get A Custom Size Mattress or Topper?

Absolutely you can!

We can build you any custom-sized mattress in non-standard dimensions crafted perfectly to fit whatever you need, whether a boat, RV, antique bed, or other. No matter what shape, length, width, or height, we are the midwest source for custom mattresses.

What is a good type of custom mattress?

The short answer is one that fits your specific need!

A good type of mattress is a mattress crafted to fit your specific need. No matter if your mattress needs to bring more comfort into your RV or boat, serve a particular size of antique bed or other; a well-built type of mattress will always…

  1. Be made well
  2. Fit just right
  3. Bring the best comfort
  4. Provide you the best sleep
Custom is in fact affordable!

Don’t believe the myth that “custom” mattresses are expensive. It’s not true!

We make every custom type!

From RV to boat to hospital and antique beds and more, you can count on us!

We make any custom size!

Whatever your height or weight, mattress length or width need is, we got you!

We make every custom shape!

From v-berth and round to side cuts and 4 cut corners, we can make any shape you need!

“Many people assume custom mattresses cost more than they actually do.” Ryan Poppie

Are Custom Mattresses Affordable?

Made In USA Bedding - Beloit Wisconsin
The answer is, yes!

Because we’re factory-direct, we cut out the middle man, which allows us to maintain our high-quality standards while keeping our costs down, passing the savings onto you by providing the best in value products.

We’re a 4th generation American mattress company. Our success as bedmakers comes from hard work, innovation, and adhering to the time-tested practices of handcrafting high-quality, all-natural fabric custom mattresses and toppers, one at a time since 1929.

Our #1 goal is to improve your quality of life by building you the best custom mattresses and toppers for a better night’s sleep.

Custom Mattress Types

We’ve been handcrafting all types of custom mattresses and custom mattress toppers in all shapes and sizes for decades.  Whether you need a new custom mattress size or custom mattress topper to place on a custom shaped cushion, we can help!

RV Mattress

RV Mattress

RV mattresses have been the #1 custom mattress type we’ve been privileged to support. If you need a particular RV mattress size, whether an RV queen or king mattress, RV bunk mattress or any custom RV mattress, we can help you.

We’re known for offering the best mattress for RV because every custom mattress is crafted by hand, one at a time, based on your specific RV mattress sizes.

While most every recreational vehicle has bed frames or some form of the sleeping surface, we understand that they are typically small, often have low profiles, and require mattresses with non-standard dimensions.

You can count on us to make whatever RV mattress size you need, and that we’ll make it with the best bedding ingredients on the market today. Your new RV mattress will be comfortable and long-lasting.

Boat Mattress

Boat Mattress

Boat mattresses are another popular request from our customers. Whether you’re cruising, yachting, or sailing, having comfortable beds and cushions brings your family and friends the best comfort and support.

We craft every custom marine mattress and topper with high-quality materials made for high moisture boat environments.

Most marine mattresses typically have thickness restraints. Standard marine beds are 5-inches to accommodate people weighing up to 200 pounds and 8-inches for up to 250 people without bottoming out. Whatever your weight or need, we can customize a mattress to your specific needs.

Our top-quality ticketing offers a non-flip design—a quilted damask cover for your sleeping side and a skid-resistant fabric to keep your mattress from shifting.

Futon Mattress

Futon Mattress

Futon mattresses are another popular choice. Is your futon mattress worn out? You’ll be glad to know we offer a range of futon mattresses handcrafted with a high-density foam core and natural cotton.

If you like that traditional futon feel yet have a durable mattress that lasts long-term, you’ll love our custom futon mattresses.

Are you looking for a more premium feel? We can include a strong coil innerspring (240-560 encased coils) coupled with bonded cotton, high-density foam, and natural cotton.

Our futon mattresses come with a full 10-year warranty.

Rollaway Mattress

Rollaway Mattress

A rollaway bed can be folded and rolled away into a closet. Rollaway mattresses are popular in hotels and motels when you need an extra sleeping surface.

Homeowners use them as a great alternative when they have company stay overnight in replace of the couch.

A standard rollaway bed often compares to a twin-size bed (38″x75″) and mainly supports one person. Most rollaway beds sold today can support up to a 400-pound person.

No matter your custom size need, we can make you a rollaway replacement mattress that will offer superb comfort to whoever sleeps on it.

Camper Mattress

Camper Mattress

A sister to the RV, camper mattresses have similar traits. Whether you have a fifth-wheel trailer, pop-up camper, or even a truck camper, we can make you a custom replacement camper mattress that brings you great comfort as you travel.

Because most camper mattresses have to be thin, we can make a low-profile mattress that packs the best in comfort and durability. Whether you prefer a bed or even a custom-made mattress topper, we can make any size, shape, and height to satisfy your specific camper needs.

Our camper mattresses and toppers are made of high-quality, high-density materials to allow high spots like your hips and shoulders a little more sink for best comfort.

Tent Mattress

Tent Mattress

Are you a camper that enjoys the comfort and feel of a mattress rather than the hard ground through a sleeping bag?   We recommend investing in a custom mattress topper to help you get the best sleep.

Why sleep on an air mattress that can often deflate in the heat of summer? Stop waking to a deflated mattress that leaked overnight.  A comfy mattress topper is reliable and easy to transport.  

Our mattress toppers can be conveniently rolled up and stored when not in use and lay flat on any surface to bring the comfort of home right into your tent.

And because we can build you a custom topper, we can make any size or shape mattress topper you desire.

Truck Mattress

Truck Mattress

We love truckers and know how important sleep is to them. We build every custom truck mattress with the driver in mind. We offer all-natural fabric materials that are healthy, breathable, hypoallergenic, and environmentally friendly.

Whether you sleep hot and want a cool feel or have a team driver and need to reduce motion transfer while driving, you’ll get the best rest by having us custom design a new truck mattress for your rig.

And because we can custom made any size and shape, we can make a truck mattress for any truck, whether a Mack, Freightliner, Peterbilt, International, Kenworth, Volvo, or other.

You’ll be glad to know that our truck mattresses are road-tough! We make them durable with comfortable pocketed springs designed to help keep your spine aligned and reduce pressure points.

Sofa Sleeper Mattress

Sofa Sleeper Mattress

A sofa sleeper mattress is an excellent piece of furniture that helps homeowners transform almost any room into that instant guest room. A sofa mattress conveniently pulls out and converts into a bed.

Sofa bed mattresses are typical in studio apartments. Homeowners and renters alike can bring more comfort to their sofa sleeper by replacing the mattress or even adding a mattress topper.

Most customers that we serve come to us saying their sofa mattress has become very uncomfortable or too thin to feel the metal pieces digging into their backs.

We can solve these common problems with a custom sofa sleeper mattress. The key to adding comfort for your guests is to replace your old sofa sleeper mattress with the same size replacement mattress made with quality bedding components.

Hospital Mattress

Hospital Mattress

One of the many types of custom mattresses we offer is hospital mattresses. We work with many home health care and social service organizations that rely on us to build vinyl “hospital-style” covered beds for the physical and mentally disabled.

A quality hospital mattress (others call them hospital cots) from The Beloit Mattress Company will be easy to sanitize for healthcare workers, comfortable for the patient, and durable to last many years.

We provide custom hospital mattresses, no size or shape, or material beyond our capability.

Murphy Bed Mattress

Murphy Bed mattress

Many consumers request murphy bed replacement mattresses. Murphy bed mattresses are typically thinner than a traditional mattress.

Murphy beds allow homeowners and renters alike to have more floor space. They are easy to access and offer a sleek design. But in addition to these great aesthetics, comfort is typically the most important factor when consumers search for a replacement mattress for their Murphy bed.

Murphy Wall Beds states that you can use any coil-spring mattress up to 10″ thick as a replacement Murphy bed mattress.

Murphy beds cause more strain on your mattress than traditional beds because of the constant motion of having to lift it away when not in use. Getting a quality replacement Murphy bed from The Beloit Mattress Company is a great choice.

Antique Mattress

Antique Mattress

Consumers and bed and breakfast business owners come to us for a custom-sized mattress for their antique beds.

We’re proud to specialize in mattresses for antique beds. We can handcraft a mattress to your exact width, length, and height. We can make any shape, including rounded corners, and even notch the corners around your antique bedposts.

Whether you have a wooden bed, rope bed, metal bed, Jenny Kind bed, plantation bed, or even spindle spool beds, we can help.

The key to ordering a custom antique mattress is making sure you measure precisely.

Custom Mattress Sizes

Big and Tall mattress
Need a specific custom mattress size?

We’ve made custom mattress sizes for tall people, heavy people, and everyone in between.  Our high-quality custom mattress sizes can solve many common issues.

  • Is your mattress too short?
  • Is your mattress not wide enough?
  • Is your mattress sagging?
  • Has your mattress lost all comfort?
  • Have no edge support?
  • Sleeping too hot?
  • Have your materials shifted?
  • Have a weak foundation?
  • Lack of durability?

Whatever your custom mattress size need, count on us to help.  

Custom Mattress Shapes

Browse through these popular custom mattress shapes below.

If you don’t see the shape you need, request a quote as we’re confident we can help you as we can make most any odd custom mattress shape and size.  Whether a mattress or topper, we have thousands of templates for all sorts of patterns we’ve created for valued customers, coast to coast in America, and as far as the Carribian and New Zealand.

Rectangular Custom Mattress Shape


Square Custom Mattress Shape


Round Custom Mattress Shape


Triangle Custom Mattress Shape


4 Cut Corners Custom Mattress Shape

Large Radius Foot with 2 Cut Corners

Notched Corner Custom Mattress Shape

Notched Corner

Radius Corner Custom Mattress Shape

Radius Corner

Cut Corner Custom Mattress Shape

Cut Corner

Large Radius Foot Custom Mattress Shape

Large Radius Foot

Large Radius Foot with 1 Cut Corner Custom Mattress Shape

Large Radius Foot with 1 Cut Corner

Large Radius Foot with 1 Large Radius Custom Mattress Shape

Large Radius Foot with 1 Large Radius

Large Radius Foot with 2 Cut Corners Custom Mattress Shape

Large Radius Foot with 2 Cut Corners

Large Radius Foot, 1 Large Radius and 1 Cut Corner Custom Mattress Shape

Large Radius Foot, 1 Large Radius and 1 Cut Corner

V-Berth Custom Mattress Shape


Split V-Berth Custom Mattress Shape

Split V-Berth

V-Berth Trapezoid Custom Mattress Shape

V-Berth Trapezoid

Off Set Parallel (left or right) Custom Mattress Shape

Off Set Parallel (left or right)

Side Cut (left or right) Custom Mattress Shape

Side Cut (left or right)

Two Cut Corners (top or side) Custom Mattress Shape

Two Cut Corners (top or side)

Side Cut (left or right) Custom Mattress Shape

Side Cut (left or right)

Custom Mattress Toppers

Our customers believe we offer the best in mattress toppers!  We believe our toppers are light years ahead of your typical egg crate or even memory foam pads.  Do you have an RV with a jackknife sofa couch? We can smooth out the uncomfortable seams with a custom topper, allowing you to store it away when not in use quickly.  Have a boat with a booth style dinette?  We can make any specific custom mattress topper shape or size.

Popular Mattress Toppers

Need a custom shape or size mattress topper to bring comfort, cover a cushion, or other? We got your back!  

Custom Bed Sheets

We’ve helped thousands of boat and RV owners with one common problem; they could not find custom size sheets and toppers to fit the precise angles of their mattresses and cushions alike. Keep in mind that most shapes aren’t symmetrical, nor straight as many bow on the arcs.

Custom Mattress Sheets
Good news – we offer custom sheets!

Upon requesting a quote, we will send you a pattern maker kit, which includes a large piece of cloth.  

How to measure:

  1. Using our pattern kit, take your mattress pieces, flip them upside down and trace around them on the cloth
  2. Next, flip the mattress pieces upright and make sure they are a good fit into the traced lines
  3. Mail us back your traced template.

Once we receive your template, we will quote you on a custom pattern need.

What Materials Are Used to Make A Mattress?

We’re partnered with locally-sourced bedding manufacturers to help us build the best mattresses in the market.

Jones Fibers
Nonwoven Cotton

Our partnership with Jones Fibers allows us to use the best in cotton, wool, and fire barriers. They are known as a farm to fiber and fabric bedding manufacturer. Family owned and operated out of Tennessee since 1936.

Legget & Platt
Leggett & Platt

Legget and Platt offer us an extensive choice of bedding products ranging in heights and styles. They make all products with high-quality, durable components that give our customers the best comfort and sleep.

Talalay Global
Talalay Global Latex

Talalay Global allows us to use only the best in 100% American-made Talalay Latex.  Their Talalay latex is healthy, breathable, hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly, and does not off-gas.

Bekaert Deslee
Bekaert Deslee Smart Fabrics

Bekaert Deslee is the world’s leading manufacturer of mattress textiles and covers.  We pride ourselves on utilizing their premium mattress fabrics made from 100% organically cultivated eco-friendly cotton. 

Joma Wool
Joma Wool

We use pure-crimped New Zealand wool from Joma Wool to help produce the healthiest, most comfortable, natural sleep you can imagine for superior sleep performance. OEKO-Tex certified.

How To Measure For Custom Mattress.

It’s important we receive precise measurements no matter what the application, boat, RV, antique bed, etc.  

Couple measuring a mattress

While most mattresses are straight forward in measuring, pay particular attention when needing to replace a custom mattress or an antique bed.

  • Measure how long the inside of your bed is on both sides.
  • Measure how wide the bed is at the head, in the middle, and at the end.  We recommend 3-4 different spots.
  • Measure how wide the bed is at the head and foot of your bed.
  • Measure how high you want your bed to finish off the floor.  Because it is common for an antique bed frame to be 15″ off the floor (the average frame today is 7″) – you’ll want to measure from the floor to the bottom slat of the box spring.

You may want a “low profile box spring” and even a “shorter mattress” to easily climb into bed without needing a step stool.

If you have any doubts about measuring, you’ll have the ability to upload photos when you request a quote.

What Sets Us Apart?

As a direct to consumer American mattress company, our custom mattresses and mattress toppers are local made, made to fit, use the finest materials, and are backed by a comfort guarantee.

Locally Made
Locally Made

American bedding handcrafted by real bedmakers since 1929.

Our Mattresses Are Made To Fit
Made To Fit

Sleep well knowing every mattress is custom fit for your specific needs.

We Use The Finest of Technologies and Materials
Finest Materials

Only the best in technology & natural materials for long-lasting comfort.

No Middle Man - Factory Pricing - Direct to You
Direct to Consumer

There is no middle man with us. You’ll experience the best in everyday value.

365-Night Comfort Assurance Policy Guarantee
Comfort Guarantee

Have peace knowing if you need it, we’ll fine-tune your mattress until it’s right.

What Customers Say!

As a 4th generation family business, we strive hard every day to keep our 5-star reputation shining brightly.   You can trust us to build you the very best in custom mattresses and mattress toppers.

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