Every bed, we make ourselves, one at a time!

Every member of our team spends time in our factory, making mattresses the old fashion way – by hand.

As bedmakers, we’re dedicated to the world of sleep. Unlike our competitors, who ring up as many sales as possible to maximize profit, we’re focused on making quality, handmade mattresses to help improve and enhance your life.

We use natural materials and even offer hand-tufting to enhance comfort and partner with the best like Legget & Platt to give you the best in durability and support.

Hand tufting

Old fashion hand tufting is the longest-lasting, most durable way to make a mattress.

Hand tufting is a mattress-making technique that has been around for hundreds of years. A tuft is a stitch that goes through the entire mattress, keeping the filling in place and ensuring superior support throughout the mattress.

In short, hand tufting means that a skilled worker creates these stitches by hand. There is minimal argument throughout the industry that hand tufting is the longest-lasting, most durable way to construct a mattress.

The only drawback to hand tufting is the time it takes to do it. It is not an automated process. It takes several skilled workers several hours to build a good hand-tufted mattress. This is why so many large national mattress corporations have abandoned the process.

Why spend hours handcrafting a mattress when one unskilled worker can build several machine-quilted mattresses by pushing some buttons and pulling a zipper tab?

We’ll tell you why.  Because a hand-tufted mattress lasts longer, is more durable, and is of better quality than one that is machine quilted.

Hand Tufting a Mattress


We invest in the highest-quality, most durable, American-made technology components from Legget & Platt.

Our mattresses are made one-at-a-time and custom-fitted to your specific body needs.  You’re going to start loving sleep again.



We invest in state-of-the-art ComfortCore® technology by Legget & Platt. ComfortCore® fabric-encased innerspring are comfortable, contouring, and durable.

These individually wrapped coils are designed to isolate your motion transfer, maximize comfort, and minimizes partner disturbance.

ComfortCore® offer:

  • Minimized motion disturbance and critical return-of-bounce during intimacy.
  • Superior support for enhanced conformity and comfort
  • Coils are stress-relieved for lasting resiliency – they hold their shape.

Quantum® Edge

Quantum® Edge

You’ll experience a consistent level of support all the way to the edge with Quantum® Edge.

  • Enhances support to the edge of your mattress.
  • Reduces or eliminates the feeling of roll-off.
  • The steel coils are 26% more durable than foam.
  • Coils bend 24% easier, making them perfect for adjustable bases.
  • We use Combi-Zone® for strategically placed zones that enhance support to the hips, back, and shoulders to provide the best in spinal alignment.