Mattress Financing (new)

With promotional financing, you can get quality sleep without breaking the bank.

The fact is, without quality sleep, you can’t have quality awake time. That’s why we offer convenient financing options so you can enjoy better rest – without having to worry about interfering with other household finances.

Mattress financing options include:

  • Year-round: 6 months deferred interest
  • Promotional: 18 months deferred interest (see store for current promotions)

Don’t let budget worries delay your quest for better sleep and better overall quality of life. At The Beloit Mattress Company, you’ll find a financing solution that’ll help you get the sleep you need and deserve.

And we offer a 365-night comfort assurance guarantee to back up our claim of providing the best value and quality mattress in the market today!

Applying is Convenient, Fast, and Safe!

It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Click on Apply Now and you’ll be shopping for a new mattress in no time!


Please see a store for further details.

*Deferred Interest: No interest if paid in full within a 6-month promotional period.