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RV Mattresses, a Helpful Guide for RV & Camper Owners

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As the weather starts to cool and the humidity begins to drop, there’s no better way to enjoy the great outdoors than with an RV. They’re convenient. They’re private. And they’re built for the road. What’s not to love?

But whether you’re planning a weekend getaway to your favorite campsite or you’re about to embark on a week-long road trip, there’s one thing about RVs that can turn a much-needed escape into a nightmare… the RV mattress.

Unfortunately, most RV mattresses don’t offer the same support and comfort you may be used to at home.

They’re usually lighter to keep total vehicle weights down. Plus, they often come in unusual sizes and shapes, making them tough to replace.

And for many vacationers, that can mean groggy and achy mornings when on the road.

But not to fear—it’s possible to find an RV mattress that’s actually supportive, comfortable, and lightweight. You just need to know where to look.

This article covers all the basics about RV mattresses as well as what to look for when picking out or replacing yours.

And for you, that means getting more restful sleep and waking up refreshed in your RV.

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What Is an RV Mattress?

An RV mattress is, as you’d expect, the bedding used in your motorhome or camper.

Whether you’re making your way across the lower 48 or just taking a weekend break to enjoy nature overnight, it pays to have a comfortable, supportive mattress to sleep on each night.

And compared to bunking up in a sleeping bag, RV mattresses are significantly more comfortable.

The problem, however, is that most RV mattresses aren’t the same as regular home mattresses.

On the one hand, they’re lighter, which often translates to less support. Some people choose to add an RV mattress topper to give a plusher feel. But even still, there’s only so much you can do with a low-quality RV mattress.

On top of that, they’re usually a bit smaller than typical mattresses too. These unusual sizes can make it tough to find a suitable replacement.

Finally, some RV mattresses need to be able to flex and bend when the bedroom slide-out comes in.

The Importance of Good Sleep When Camping

So you may be wondering, why should I even care about my RV mattress anyway?

Man sleeping in back of truckWell, it turns out that your mattress is one of the biggest determinants for your sleep quality.

A bad mattress can lead to all sorts of problems like:

  • Low sleep quality
  • Back pain
  • Grouchiness
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Memory issues
  • Daytime drowsiness

Beyond ruining what’s supposed to be a relaxing, joyful getaway, these effects can also be downright dangerous, especially during road trips.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), drowsy driving was responsible for 72,000 crashes in 2013, leading to 44,000 injuries and 800 deaths. Beyond that, these numbers are likely underestimated, and it’s believed that up to 6,000 fatal crashes each year may be caused by drowsy drivers.

Getting a high-quality RV mattress isn’t just about safety, though. It’s also about feeling your best during your getaway.

Science has shown that enjoying the outdoors and cutting back on screen time all promote quality sleep. But with a bad mattress, the benefits of that quality sleep are canceled out.

Bottom line—the quality of your RV mattress matters because your sleep matters.

What Should I Look for In an RV Mattress?

As you can imagine, finding an RV mattress replacement can take quite a bit of work.

Below are four different characteristics you should be on the lookout for when searching for your perfect mattress.

1) Fits Your Rig

First and foremost, you need to make sure your new RV mattress is actually right for your motorhome.

There are three things, in particular, to be mindful of here.

  1. Weight – For both towed trailers and driven motorhomes, being mindful of weight limits is critical for a safe trip. These limits take into account everything on your RV, including fuel, passengers, and yes, mattresses. If, for instance, your towing truck is rated only to handle 2,800lbs, a 100lb mattress can substantially impact your control over the vehicle.
  2. Size – While many RV mattresses are labeled in the same way as typical beds (king, queen, twin, etc.), the truth is they’re actually a few inches smaller in many cases. As a result, you need to be careful when measuring (more on that later) to find the mattress that fits your space.
  3. Flexibility – Lastly, you’ll want to ensure your RV mattress is flexible in case you have an expandable trailer or motorhome. When these types of RVs contract, the mattress area may fold together. And if your new RV mattress isn’t flexible enough to contract with it, it’s lights out.

2) Quality

With weight, size, and flexibility considered, next up is quality.

Bedmaker crafting a mattressNot all mattresses are made the same. And even two of the same type (memory foam, innerspring, etc.) can be vastly different in terms of quality.

When you’re searching for your new RV mattress, there are two things you should consider when looking at quality.

First, educate yourself on the materials. Look for high-quality fabrics and fibers like crimped wool, cotton, and natural latex.

Second, there’s craftsmanship. Quality mattress making is an art form. And techniques like hand tufting, while time-intensive, lead to a better, longer-lasting mattress.

So if you can find an RV mattress that’s built using superior craftsmanship, be sure to snatch it up fast.

3) American-Made

While so much of what we buy these days are manufactured in other countries, try to find an RV mattress that’s made in the USA.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with mattresses made in other countries. But there are a few benefits to those produced in America.

Benefits like:

  • Lower transportation costs
  • Tighter quality control standards
  • Better factory safety regulations
  • Less negative environmental impact
  • Creates American jobs

So in your search for an RV mattress replacement, be on the lookout for USA-made bedding.

4) Best In Value

Last but not least is value.

You should expect to pay at least a couple hundred dollars on an RV mattress. However, some higher-quality models can run closer to $800.

That being said, you want to be sure you’re getting the most value out of your spent dollars.

One way to ensure that is to find a factory-direct mattress company.

Many mattress companies use a complicated and costly supply chain to deliver mattresses to their customers. For example, a mattress design will start with a corporation and then be sent out to a third-party manufacturer. From there, the mattress is shipped to a warehouse using a carrier and then purchased by the customer through a retailer.

All of these different stops along the way end up costing the mattress company money. And those costs are passed onto the consumer.

A factory-direct mattress company, on the other hand, manufacturers the mattress and sends it straight to your door—no middleman required.

And for you, that means a much more affordable RV mattress.


What’s the Difference Between RV Mattresses vs. Regular Mattresses?

As we touched on before, regular mattresses are different from RV mattresses.

But how are they different?

The thing that separates the two the most is the weight.

To explain, when you’re driving a motorhome across the country or towing a trailer through the mountains, you need to be especially careful of your vehicle weight.

When vehicles are over their weight rating, they can be hard to control and even dangerous on the road. For trailer towing, pay attention to the towing vehicle’s Gross Combined Vehicle Weight Rating (GCVWR). For motorhomes, the number you want is the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR).

Since every pound is precious, most RV mattresses will be much lighter than their at-home counterparts. See below for the average weights of each.

Average Mattress Weight

  • Queen Mattress: 150lbs
  • RV Queen Mattress: 50lbs

Size is also a differentiator here.

Though many manufacturers use similar size names (twin, queen, king, etc.), RV mattress sizes can end up being just a little bit different.

For instance, an RV queen mattress may come in a “three-quarter queen” or a “queen short.” The three-quarter queen measures out to around 48 by 75 inches, while the queen short is around 60 by 75 inches. Compare these to the household 60 by 80-inch size.

An RV king mattress (usually 76 by 80 inches) is likely going to be a bit narrower at 72 inches. It’ll likely still be around 80 inches long, though.

And finally, an RV twin mattress will usually measure in at about 28 by 75 inches—around 10 inches more narrow than regular twin mattresses.

RV mattresses may also have rounded edges and stranger dimensions to help fit the space.

It’s especially important, then, to properly measure your replacement RV mattress.

How Do You Measure for an RV Mattress?

As you can see, RV mattress sizes are a bit off compared to in-home mattresses.

Short and tall basketball playersThat’s why properly measuring your RV replacement mattress is so important.

So, how do you measure your mattress to make sure you have the right dimensions?

Just follow the steps below.

  1. Measure how long the inside of your bed is on both sides.
  2. Measure how wide the bed is at the head, in the middle, and at the end. We recommend 3-4 different spots.
  3. Measure how wide the bed is at the head and foot of your bed.
  4. Measure how high you want your bed to finish off the floor. 

Some mattress companies will even send you a template to help you measure accurately, making the process even easier.

Request a template on our custom mattress quote form.

Measuring Corners

For some spaces, the RV mattress corners need to be just a little bit different than traditional mattresses. They may be more rounded, for instance. Or they may be cut off completely to save space.

The trick is to give your mattress maker as much information as possible to ensure a perfect fit for your RV mattress replacement.

Below are a few tips to help you measure your unique corners right the first time.

  • Rounded Corners — You’ll need two rulers for this. Place the start of each ruler at the corner where each curve of the corner begins. The two rulers should intersect at the same measurement. This measurement is called the corner radius. Be sure to share that number with your custom mattress maker.
  • Custom Shapes– For custom-shaped mattresses like cut-off mattresses, measure the length, width, and depth like you normally would on the uncut sides. Then, measure the length of the cut side, the length of the cut head or foot of the bed, and the length of the cut corner.

What Should You Look for in an RV Mattress Company?

Just as some RV mattresses are of higher quality than others, some RV mattress companies are going to offer a better experience than others.

The Beloit Mattress CompanyThe question is, how do you determine which are the good ones?

Below are a few of the most important qualities to look for in an RV mattress company. And if you find one that ticks all the boxes, you can be sure you’re getting the best products and services in the industry.

Years of Experience

The art of making beds is not a talent that can be mastered overnight. And generally, the longer an RV mattress company has been in operation, the higher the quality of the products and service will be.

The Beloit Mattress Company has been family-owned and operated since 1929. Our bedmakers have honed our bed-making techniques to create some of the finest mattresses in the USA.

When you buy from Beloit, you’re taking advantage of that massive history of hard work, skilled craftsmanship, and tradition. And when you lay on our mattresses, you can feel that difference.

Built for You

For RV mattresses, in particular, it’s incredibly important to work with a custom RV mattress maker.

As we’ve seen, RV mattresses can have some unusual RV mattress sizes and shapes. These unique designs can be hard to find in nationwide franchises and showrooms. And if you try to “settle” for a mattress that doesn’t quite fit, it can lead to plenty of frustration down the line.

Plus, many mattress companies use low-quality materials that are uncomfortable and can reduce the lifetime of the mattress.

The Beloit Mattress Company always takes pride in each of our custom-built mattresses. We use only the highest quality materials in the industry for every bed. To make measuring easier for our customers, we even send a custom template that shows you exactly what we need.

And for you, that means a smoother, more satisfying custom RV mattress buying experience.

Superior Construction

How your new RV mattress is constructed is another characteristic you should take into consideration when looking for the right company.

While many big-name stores use automated manufacturing to create their mattresses, making bedding by hand actually leads to a more comfortable and durable mattress. So be on the lookout for companies that offer handmade mattresses.

You’ll also want to find mattresses that are made here in the USA. As we saw before, mattresses made nationally are made in factories with higher quality controls, safer policies, less destructive emissions, and much more.

The Beloit Mattress Company embodies all these construction ideals. Starting with only the finest materials and technology in the industry, we hand-make every mattress we sell. Using hand tufting, we’re able to create superior comfort and extend the lifetime of each mattress far past our competitors.

In the end, it’s a more comfortable, more durable mattress that you’re going to love.

Especially Economical

Most mattress stores have to go through tons of third parties to bring your bedding to your door.

From outsourced manufacturing facilities and long-range product haulers to warehouses and home-delivery companies, each time these companies touch your mattress, it costs money. And those costs are passed onto the consumers (you).

At The Beloit Mattress Company, we are a factory-direct mattress specialist. That means you get to skip all those pricey middlemen entirely.

The result is you get a more affordable mattress without ever compromising quality.

Sterling Reputation

You’ll definitely want to find a store that has a fantastic reputation too, both online and offline.

Be sure to look for reviews that mention both the quality of the product and the service. Also, don’t forget to check the Better Business Bureau rating to ensure they’re trustworthy.

The Beloit Mattress Company is proud to have received hundreds of positive online reviews from our satisfied customers, earning us 5 out of 5 stars on both Google and Facebook. We also have an A+ BBB rating.

Guaranteed Comfort

365-Night Comfort Assurance Policy GuaranteeLast but not least, don’t forget to seek out a guarantee.

No matter how comfortable and supportive your RV replacement mattress may seem in the showroom, it can take several nights of sleep to get a good sense of how it really feels.

At the Beloit Mattress Company, we know our handcrafted mattresses feel fantastic and offer superior support. That’s why we offer a 365-Night Comfort Assurance Policy Guarantee.

If your new mattress doesn’t feel as amazing as you want, we’ll make custom adjustments until it reaches that perfect fit for you.

It’s as easy as that.

What Is the Best RV Mattress Replacement?

There are plenty of RV mattress replacements to choose from on the market.

But how do you know which is the best for you?

We’ve listed out four of the most comfortable and supportive options from Beloit to make your search just a bit easier.

1) Good: Foam Royal

Royal Foam RV MattressThe Foam Royal from Beloit has single-sided construction, is built with 1.5-pound density foam, and is constructed with a 0.6-ounce cotton rayon fiber blend.

While this mattress is recommended for day beds, bunk beds, and with a foundation, it’s also a popular choice for RV owners.

Its single-sided construction and low maintenance.

It’s a great choice if you’re looking for economical RV mattresses.

2) Better: Majestic Foam

Majestic Foam RV MattressThe Majestic Foam from Beloit provides added comfort, is low maintenance, and has high durability.

Plus, it offers high value for its price.

This mattress is stocked in the 60? X 74.5  RV queen mattress size.

Its single-sided construction is low maintenance and durable. 

It’s no wonder this RV mattress is a favorite among our customers.

3) Better: Basics Majestic Plush Top

Basics Majestics RV MattressThe Basics Majestic Plush Top is an especially comfortable, medium-firmness mattress that’s economical and low-maintenance.  It’s our lowest price Comfort Core™ mattress.

We stock it in the RV queen size and is ideal for campers. Its single-sided construction is low maintenance.

It’s one of Beloit’s best RV mattresses.

4) Best: Basics Comfort Gel

Basics Comfort Gel RV MattressFeaturing gel-infused memory foam and a Comfort Core encased coil spring system, the Basics Comfort Gel is designed to hold its shape over time and reduce motion distribution.

This comfortable mattress appeals to people who prefer the cool comfort of Gel memory foam and want to minimize motion transfer when more than one person is sleeping in the bed.

It’s hands down the #1 choice for the best RV mattress from Beloit.

Need an RV Mattress Replacement That’s Custom in Size or Shape?

Four shapes of custom mattressesFew things can be as relaxing and restorative as a getaway in nature or a cross-country road trip. But to get the most out of your getaway, you need an RV mattress replacement that offers exceptional support and superior comfort.

And that’s where The Beloit Mattress Co. comes in.

At Beloit Mattress Company, we take pride in building the best custom RV mattresses on the market. Featuring hand-tufted construction, market-leading materials, and unmatched customer support, you can rest easy knowing your experience with Beloit will always be a great one.

And when it comes to custom-sized mattresses, our specialists will work with you to match your new mattress to your exact specifications. We even send a measurement template and offer custom fitting sheets.

So, ready to find your perfect custom RV mattress?

Just click below to get started now.

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